Meri Brightcider is a woodrat in her teens working as a taxicat driver.

The more time she spends busy working, the better, due to Meri’s irrepressible nose for trouble.


Oliver Lionheart is a cat in his early teens who works for Meri, transporting passengers and goods in a howdah on his back.

He looks tired all of the time, probably from keeping Meri out of mischief, though the manual labor job plays no small part as well.


Bo and Beatrice Benson are the married owners of the Salty Squirrel, a popular old inn in the Squirrel District.

They’re a bit old-fashioned, and the Salty Squirrel is full of peculiar odds and ends from generations ago.


Verbena Lemonfeather is a white-crested helmet shrike, and the chief of police.

Rumor has it she’s not someone you want to mess with.


Titmus and Crowsetti run an antiques shop in the Mushroom District.

There’s something a little sketchy about this old pair.


Yuble the leopard gecko is a receptionist at the Bulb Animal Transport Hub.

If she seems bored and unenthused, that’s because she is.